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My, How Things Have Changed

Posted in Book Posts on December 16, 2008 by Jamie

There are some parts of your childhood that seem so trivial at the time, but turn out to be so much more. Stupid things like going to Costco. As a child, a huge store like this can really mess up a kid with a large imagination ans a short attention span. So basically, a kid like me.

When I was younger and I used to go to Costco, I would really get lost, both figuratively and literally. But I didn’t care. There were enough things; books, computers, toy cars etc, in there to distract me for a week. So with only an hour or so to get lost in this Costco universe, I had to make my time count. And as usual, my journey would end with a hot dog, fries, coke (actaully usually root beer,) and a chocolate soft-serve ice cream.

I’ve gotten the exact same things to eat there for over ten years, so how have “things changed” at all then? Well, in the years since I was last there, I’ve changed dramatically as a person. My character is still pretty much the same, but little details have changed. For one thing, I’m a bit more a mature. No, seriously. I may still get a little hyper sometimes, but the usual wandering around aimlessly has toned down.

So basically, my ability to get distracted by a large chain store has been lowered considerably. Also, in the past few years, I’ve become more of an adult. I have a job and facial hair, two things I didn’t have a few years ago. When I was younger, the electronics department of Costco (and really, of any store,) was one of my major indulgences. Now that I work at an electronic store (Future Shop,) other electronic stores don’t really pique my itnerest as much. Oh and the staff discount helps a bit also.

But still, when I first walked into Costco today, I naturally gravitated towards the electronics department. Even though I work at Future Shop, the sight of 42-inch LCD TVs in there shocked me. I remember a few years ago when a 27-inch tube was considered a big TV, ansd just saying that makes me feel so old.

When I was younger, I would walk out of Costco with something like a book, a movie, and a model car as my haul for the day. Now? A razor and body wash. It’s funny that something so simple as a stupid trip to Costco helped me realize how much times have changed.

Oh yeah, I wrote this entire post in three separate “notes” on my phone. Thank G-d for T9.


Just Because You’re Losing, Doesn’t Mean You’ve Lost

Posted in Book Posts, Music with tags on October 27, 2008 by Jamie

I might be a little late with this specific Coldplay reference, seeing as how Viva La Vida has been out for a few months already, so I guess you can call me a Coldplay n00b.

I’ve known of their existence for a few years actually. “Parachutes” was one of the first CDs my sister gave me, which helped guide me through my transition into the musical world, away form the annoying popular acts (Sum41, etc,) that I was listening to at the time. But over the next couple of years, I guess I just forgot about them. I had downloaded X & Y when it came out, but rarely listened to it.

And then came Viva La Vida. The multi-platinum selling album reached numero uno in virtually every country in the world. It’s success was propelled by the title track and the song “Lost,” two of the songs in high rotation on my iPod now. This newfound love affair with Coldplay has been ready to explode for a few months now, but Saturday Night Live’s episode this week was the fuse that set it off. I knew that Coldplay was that night’s musical guest, but I did not know what they were about to do.

Coldplay, led by singer/keyboardist/budding musical legend Chris Martin, absolutely destroyed the stage at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. I have never seen a music act destroy like they did. Most musical acts play about two songs throughout the night, and most of time I just fast-forward through that, but this time it was different.

For the band’s first two songs, they played “Viva La Vida” and “Lost,” leaving both me and my friend pretty satisfied. The band’s stage chemistry was undeniable, and Martin lit it up like he was playing for a group of friends and not millions of viewers. But then the unthinkable happened. We thought they were done, but we were wrong.

The show came back from commercial, and with the clock nearing 1:00am, we expected to see one last picture of the hsot and final skit. What did we see? A picture of the band, who proceeded to play an older hit this time, “Yellow.” Me and my friend started freaking out. This is the first Coldplay hit I heard, and it immediately brought me back to 2004.

Then it showed the entire cast, special guests, and the host doing their usual wave goodbye. But my friend noticed something I had not, and said; “Where’s Coldplay?”

Sure enough, the next words heard were uttered by Jon Hamm: “Ladies and gentlemen, once again, Coldplay.” It was then that my friend’s PVR cut off. Damn NBC. Still, having four performances  is pretty impressive, and shows how popular they are, and how much the crowd wanted more. Even though I didn’t see their final performance (probably another older hit, like “Fix You” or something,) I was hooked. Thanks Neil.

The Beautiful Ride

Posted in Book Posts, Movies, Music with tags on October 21, 2008 by Jamie

[Disclaimer: I actually hate the whole metro/bus ride home, which is when I wrote this post originally. However, because it was the last song on the playlist (a song that ended just as I walked into my house, for the second day in a row,) I decided to give it that title. Read on…]

I love the dollar store. And not not just because I’m Jewish. I went in there a couple of minutes ago, and walked out with a pencil, pen, lock, and four packs of gum all for five dollars. I’m usually not the cheap type, but this purchase made me feel more Jewish then ever.

On to other things. I’m on the metro again, and am thankful that my class ended early, even though it usually does and I yet again didn’t get a lift. Although it’s actually not too bad taking the metro today. I have a seat for once, it’s much less crowded compared to yesterday, and my notebook (well, hillroy) isn’t cramped against my oxymoronic upright lap. Oh and I’ve got a great playlist going again.

Except it’s not even by real musicians. It’s the complete collection of “Dewey Cox” songs from the movie Walk Hard, which I actually watched the other night. Both the songs and the movie are extremely underrated. Produced by Comedy god Judd Apatow (Anchorman, 40 Year Old Virgin, Talladega Nights, Knocked Up, Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Step Brothers, Pineapple Express, etc, ) it chronicles the life of a man named Dewey Cox.

As a boy, Dewey accidentally cuts his brother in half in an unfortunate machete-fight accident, thrusting him into a life that parodies the biographical films of Walk The Line (Johnny Cash,) The Doors (Jim Morrison,) and Ray (Ray Charles,) among others. For example, after the trauma stemming form the machete accident, Dewey loses his sense of smell. (An obvious refrence to Charles’ blindness.)

The movies features a lot of great cameos, many with actors portraying famous musicians from that era (The Beatles, Elvis, Buddy Holly, and a few others,) but the real non-Dewey stars are the actresses that play his two wives. Kristen Wiig plays his loving but doubtful (“I do believe in you Dewey, I just know you’re going to fail”) first wife, while Jenna Fischer (Pam from The Office,) plays extremely attractive backup singer and eventual wife Darlene Madison.

(Wow, I almost missed my stop, and now I’m stuck waiting outside in the cold wetness that is October Montreal. But at least it’s not snowing.)

Anyways, even though the Dewey Cox playlist is now playing for the second time, I’m gonna start writing about something else. (Wow I should have worn a sweater, it’s actually freezing out here, and it’s rianing too… at least the bus is here.) One second…

Current time: 6:12 pm. That’s about as far as I got with the notebook post. Once I got on the bus, not only did I get a seat, but a friend who I haven’t seen in awhile sat right by me. So I spent the bus ride talking to him, and continuing to listening to the Dewey Cox songs. As the bus pulled closer to my house, the song “Beautiful Ride” came on. It’s the last song he writes in the movie, chronicling his entire life, and talking about life in itself as he is getting closer to death. And for the second day in a row, it fades out exactly as I walk into my house. Extremely weird. So that’s it, here’s the playlist below as promised.

The Dewey part of the songs are actually song by the actor who plays them, John C. Reilly, and as such they’re credited to him officially. Angela Correa sings for Darlene Madison.

Songs I listened to (twice) while writing (all by Dewey Cox unless otherwise noted):

1) (Mama) You Got To Love Your Negro Man

2) Walk Hard

3) Let’s Duet – Dewey Cox ft. Angela Correa

4) Let Me Hold You (Little Man)

5) Guilty As Charged

6) Beautiful Ride

Download of the day: Let’s Duet

Singing The STM Blues

Posted in Book Posts with tags , on October 20, 2008 by Jamie

I hate public transportation. Despise it. I’m usually a nice guy, and I don’t generally like using suhc a hateful language, but the STM deserves it.

And it’s not just the fact it takes so long to get home. The whole trip, the metro, the bus, and the walking, is an ordeal. And writing about it, while leaned awkwardly against a pole, my notebook bent slightly against my upright lap, (oxymoron?) is even worse.

But I do like writing. And when I switched my blog over to WordPress, I vowed to write more often, so here’s that effort. (Nice, I just got a seat.) In the original Blender, well not the original but the one on BlogSpot right before this, I had this thing called “Book Posts.” Like most of my blog gimmicks, it lasted only a few posts.

I had this hardcover book filled with blank pages I would keep in my bag. When the mood struck, like if i was bored in class, waiting for something/someone, or using the STM, I’d whip it out (That’s what she said,) and start writing. (Wow it’s a lot colder outside than on the metro.) When I’d get home, I’d type it up, and put the post time the time i started writing it.

Anyways, back to my hatred for public transportation. Sometimes if you have someone to accompany you on this death trip, it doesn’t turn out that bad. I’ve actually had some pretty decent conversations with friends or acquaintances while riding the bus/metro. But alone, it’s a bitch. (Damn, no empty seats on the bus.)

Luckily, I’m seldom alone. Barring a random bout of forgetfulness, I usually have my iPod on me. And thankfully, I have a few good playlists. From now on, when I write these “Notebook Posts,” I’ll post the songs I listened to while writing. Actually, I’m gonna do that for all my posts. This playlist I’m listening to right now is very good. I started it in the middle at a random song, and I’ve let it run its course. I am not at all regretting my decision.

One song who’s awesomeness I had forgotten until just a couple of minutes ago is “Sympathy For The Devil,” by The Rolling Stones. Even though it’s up there as one of my favourite songs of all time, I haven’t listened to it in a while. It came up on the playlist a few minutes ago, and the guitar solo is INSANE. It very well might be the best solo on any Stones song ever, and that’s saying something.

Wow my back’s starting to hurt. I hate not getting a seat. Usually, if I’m at home writing a blog post, in the comfort of my own room, with a decent chair supporting my back and the advantage of an ergonomic keyboard instead of an awkwardly bent notebook and a pen, I end my posts early.

It’s not that I run out of idea, more the fact there’s so many other things to distract me which I’d much rather do. When I’m metroing, busing,. and now even walking home, why not continue writing? I have nothing but my music (which I’m still listening to, as Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” begins to fade.

I can’t wait till I enter my house and I leave the horridness of the shlep home.

And here I am. Home sweet home.

Songs listened to while writing:

“Good Vibrations” – The Beach boys

“All These Things That I’ve Done” – The Killers

“Beautiful Boy” – John Lennon

“So Lonely” – The Police

“Sympathy For The Devil” – The Rolling Stones

“Johnny B. Goode” – Chuck Berry

“Jolene” – Dolly Parton

“Living On A Prayer” – Bon Jovi

“Isn’t She Lovely” – Stevie Wonder

The First Book Post

Posted in Blog Stuff, Book Posts on September 18, 2008 by Jamie

So carrying around this little book that i talked about last post has actually mildly payed off. While waiting for the bus outside Plamondon metro earlier tonight, I actually started writing. But because i was interrupted by a friend not too long after I started, my “post,” was interrupted. Anyways, here it is:

I Hate Rain – 8:44 pm
“Piece of shit weather. I hate rain. I also hate public transportation, especially at night, when you just want to get home already. Even during the day it sucks. I was standing next to this one guy on the bus this morning, and he actually smelled like a garbage bag. No exaggeration. To make things even worse for me (and the other passengers,) his arm was raised, so we were getting the full whiff. Straight outta that commercial a few years back.”

And that’s it. Pretty short, but I had barely started writing before the friend showed up. Had he not, I prob could’ve ranted a bit more about how much I hate the STM at night, and maybe thought of some other stuff. But I don’t exactly remember how I was feeling at that exact moment, so maybe next time.

At least I’m not carrying around the book for nothing?