My, How Things Have Changed

There are some parts of your childhood that seem so trivial at the time, but turn out to be so much more. Stupid things like going to Costco. As a child, a huge store like this can really mess up a kid with a large imagination ans a short attention span. So basically, a kid like me.

When I was younger and I used to go to Costco, I would really get lost, both figuratively and literally. But I didn’t care. There were enough things; books, computers, toy cars etc, in there to distract me for a week. So with only an hour or so to get lost in this Costco universe, I had to make my time count. And as usual, my journey would end with a hot dog, fries, coke (actaully usually root beer,) and a chocolate soft-serve ice cream.

I’ve gotten the exact same things to eat there for over ten years, so how have “things changed” at all then? Well, in the years since I was last there, I’ve changed dramatically as a person. My character is still pretty much the same, but little details have changed. For one thing, I’m a bit more a mature. No, seriously. I may still get a little hyper sometimes, but the usual wandering around aimlessly has toned down.

So basically, my ability to get distracted by a large chain store has been lowered considerably. Also, in the past few years, I’ve become more of an adult. I have a job and facial hair, two things I didn’t have a few years ago. When I was younger, the electronics department of Costco (and really, of any store,) was one of my major indulgences. Now that I work at an electronic store (Future Shop,) other electronic stores don’t really pique my itnerest as much. Oh and the staff discount helps a bit also.

But still, when I first walked into Costco today, I naturally gravitated towards the electronics department. Even though I work at Future Shop, the sight of 42-inch LCD TVs in there shocked me. I remember a few years ago when a 27-inch tube was considered a big TV, ansd just saying that makes me feel so old.

When I was younger, I would walk out of Costco with something like a book, a movie, and a model car as my haul for the day. Now? A razor and body wash. It’s funny that something so simple as a stupid trip to Costco helped me realize how much times have changed.

Oh yeah, I wrote this entire post in three separate “notes” on my phone. Thank G-d for T9.


2 Responses to “My, How Things Have Changed”

  1. Wait. Jamie is mature? Facial hair doesn’t guarantee maturity. One more thing. You bought “A” razor and “A” container of body wash? Wouldn’t you buy 20 because you’re at Costco?

  2. welcome back
    if you are so proud of your beard…why the razor?
    anyways hope you still indulged in all those yummy treats at the end of the life epitome shopping experience.

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