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The Death of The Blender

Posted in Late Night Posts on December 23, 2008 by Jamie

I’m not too good at writing eulogies. Granted, I haven’t had much experience. I’ve written one in my entire life and don’t intend to write another one for a very long time, G-d willing. So that’s why I’m not eulogizing this blog. This blog has no feelings. It’s not a person. It’s barely even a blog. So why does it deserve a goodbye? Because, for better or for worse, its been a huge part of my life for the last year or so.

Sad isn’t it?

Anyways, I used to come to this blog with fresh, new ideas. I’d let my mand expand and be shown through my writing, to the pleasure of some actual people. Most of which were just my friends, but that’s not important.

As 2008 comes to a close and a new year begins, I am now saying goodbye to this blog. Forever. I’m not saying I will never write again, and I’m not saying I’ll never write online (or in blog-format) ever again, but as of now, The Blender is now dead.

On a side note, Happy Chanukkah.


My, How Things Have Changed

Posted in Book Posts on December 16, 2008 by Jamie

There are some parts of your childhood that seem so trivial at the time, but turn out to be so much more. Stupid things like going to Costco. As a child, a huge store like this can really mess up a kid with a large imagination ans a short attention span. So basically, a kid like me.

When I was younger and I used to go to Costco, I would really get lost, both figuratively and literally. But I didn’t care. There were enough things; books, computers, toy cars etc, in there to distract me for a week. So with only an hour or so to get lost in this Costco universe, I had to make my time count. And as usual, my journey would end with a hot dog, fries, coke (actaully usually root beer,) and a chocolate soft-serve ice cream.

I’ve gotten the exact same things to eat there for over ten years, so how have “things changed” at all then? Well, in the years since I was last there, I’ve changed dramatically as a person. My character is still pretty much the same, but little details have changed. For one thing, I’m a bit more a mature. No, seriously. I may still get a little hyper sometimes, but the usual wandering around aimlessly has toned down.

So basically, my ability to get distracted by a large chain store has been lowered considerably. Also, in the past few years, I’ve become more of an adult. I have a job and facial hair, two things I didn’t have a few years ago. When I was younger, the electronics department of Costco (and really, of any store,) was one of my major indulgences. Now that I work at an electronic store (Future Shop,) other electronic stores don’t really pique my itnerest as much. Oh and the staff discount helps a bit also.

But still, when I first walked into Costco today, I naturally gravitated towards the electronics department. Even though I work at Future Shop, the sight of 42-inch LCD TVs in there shocked me. I remember a few years ago when a 27-inch tube was considered a big TV, ansd just saying that makes me feel so old.

When I was younger, I would walk out of Costco with something like a book, a movie, and a model car as my haul for the day. Now? A razor and body wash. It’s funny that something so simple as a stupid trip to Costco helped me realize how much times have changed.

Oh yeah, I wrote this entire post in three separate “notes” on my phone. Thank G-d for T9.

Football Is My Life

Posted in Late Night Posts, Sports on December 15, 2008 by Jamie

Anytime you can make a quasi-Hunter S. Thompson refrence in your writing, it’s a very good thing. Unfortunately all I got is the title, slightly ripping off the title of his unpublished novel “Polo Is My Life.”

But really, the title is telling the truth. Football, and all its intricacies, is wonderful.

I know the way I’m writing about this may seem a bit creepy, but I don’t care. I care about three things in my life: Football, Heroes, and my girlfriend. In that order.

(Just kidding…)

Anyways, the great thing about football is there’s so many ways the average fan can enjoy the sport. There’s the NFL, NCAA, CFL, and even the AFL for people who are that crazy. (Note: I’m actually not one of those people.) There’s TV, Radio, Internet (GameCast and things like that, where every single play is document along with constantly updated stats,) and so much more.

(Sounds like I’m trying to pitch something to you eh? I’m not… but read on.)

The single greatest thing about football though: fantasy football. Fantasy sports, in which people draft real-life NFL players onto their “fantasy teams” in a league with either strangers or friends. It’s often played for money, and when the players do well in real life, so do the players in the fantasy league. Now that we got that little intro out of the way, allow me a little paragraph to gloat.

Last year, though I did not finish first in the league, I won the championship, and therefore, most of the pot. My key league move was a mid-season trade that got me Tony Romo, Joseph Addai, Brandon Jacobs, and Kellen Winslow. Forget their performances this year, but last year they really helped in the stretch run.

Anyways, onto this year. I had the fourth pick in a ten-team league, and here’s how I drafted:

Round Pick Player Position
1. (4) Steven Jackson RB
2. (17) Andre Johnson WR
3. (24) Larry Fitzgerald WR
4. (37) Calvin Johnson WR
5. (44) Greg Jennings WR
6. (57) Kellen Winslow TE
7. (64) Jonathan Stewart RB
8. (77) Selvin Young RB
9. (84) Chris Perry RB
10. (97) Steve Slaton RB
11. (104) Jay Cutler QB
12. (117) Eddie Royal WR
13. (124) Eli Manning QB
14. (137) Robert Meachem WR
15. (144) Deuce McAllister RB
16. (157) Michael Bush RB

I dropped Bush, McCalister, and Chris Perry almost immediately, to pick up a Defense and a kicker (two useless postions which I’ve changed on an almost weekly basis.) I also dropped Eli Manning before the season started. Who did I pick up? When Steven Jackson was banged up and I badly needed a running back, I traded Eddie Royal and Calvin Johnson for Marion Barber. So with a likely win in the semis, I am now headed into the finals with this starting roster: QB Matt Schaub, HB Steve Slaton, HB Steven Jackson, WR Greg Jennings, WR Larry Fitzgerald, WR Andre Johnson, TE Zach Miller, WR Devone Bess as my flex (or Marion Barber, haven’t decided yet,) K John Kasay, and New Orleans D (they’re playing Detroit.)

Basically I’ve got a good chance, nut you can never be too cocky.

By the way sorry for wasting the last few minutes of your life. This was barely a real post. Except maybe the first paragraph. I started this post off expecting to write about how much I love football (oh, I also love Madden, the ultimate [and only] football video game,) and ended up just bragging about my fantasy team, and wasting your precious life. For that I apologize, and I promise will try to step it up in the future. Keep checking back.

Oh and I feel bad for the time I wasted, so here’s a video:

Oh and check yesterday’s post for the video I was talking about but forgot to put in. It’s a collage featuring every song Kanye West has sampled in its original form, as well as a few seconds of how Kanye used it. It’s pretty cool.

Falling Off The Grid

Posted in Blog Stuff, Late Night Posts, Music on December 13, 2008 by Jamie

1 month. 30 days. 720 hours. 43,200 minutes. 2,592,000 seconds. I’ve been gone from this blog for MORE than that. That’s a third of a trimester. If I gave you one penny on the day of my last post, two pennies the next day, and so on, you’d have over $10 million now. Now that’s seriously messed up.

In a month, the average man can burn 27,000 calories in a month by simply walking three hours a day. The Beatles wrote/recorded most of the songs from their first album, Please Please Me, in about a month. So surely during a month long absence I must’ve been up to something groundbreaking? Absolutely not. For the past month, I’ve been lazier than a $@&^ing high turtle. That simile did not even make sense. See what an absence from the internet does to you?

Actually that’s a lie. I have not been absent from the internet at all, just this blog, and my other attempts at blogs. (Sorry Yining.) I tried starting a politics blog with my asian friend, and that failed miserably. You’d think that a blog written by two young people, with similar views on the same topic, who are both interested in writing, would take off now? Well you thought wrong. I gave up on it almost right off the bat, and for that I apologize.

I find it kind of funny that my last post was talking about how my writing was going in a different direction, how things would change. How my procrastination days were over, and how the blog was going to be better than before. Funny how I never seem to fllow through on promises like that eh? Anyways, that’s why I’m intentionally not making any promises in this post.

When I have something on my mind, and I want to write about it I will. When I see something interesting on the internet, I’ll post it. When something big happens in the REAL WORLD (the place beyond your computer screen,) I will try to get my thoughts down on paper.

But hey, I can’t make any promises.

Over 300 words already, that’s quite an accomplishment for me. (Barely more than ten words a day if I had spent mt month of absence writing this.) Ok now my sentences are starting to not make sense, so I’ll leave you with a video I found on the web:

It’s a video montage featuring snippets of the original songs that Kanye West has sampled. If you’re a Kanye Fan, then this is pretty cool. If not well, this sucks I guess. Anyways it plays a video of the original song, and then shows how the Kanye sampled it for his specific songs. The more sentences I write, the less sense I make. Shit. It’s like my brain has run out of fuel, actually a common occurence around 2 AM. But here it is:

So that’s it for now, check back often because I MIGHT be writing more. (Notice how I didn’t make any promises?)