Stepping It Up A Notch

I’ve always liked that saying, even though I have no idea what it literally means. Oh well.

Here I am, writing yet ANOTHER post about how I’ll be improving my blogging from now on. Believe it or not, I actually have a pretty busy life. Between work and school, I don’t have much free time to do anything at all. But a blog post really doesn’t take that much time at all. A few minutes and I should be able to whip up a little post, and the very least a paragraph or two.

So that is where I am now. Eexperimenting with Twitter and Digg (google them), trying to feel for myself what it’s like to be a real blogger. And by “real blogger” I mean someone that actually updates semi-regularly. And not just stupid updates about what I’m doing right now, for that I use Twitter. From now on I’ll be trying to actually do the one post per day minumum I’ve promised.

This blog will have more posts, more variety, reviews on movies and music (old and new), commntary on sports and politics, and even comments about the mundane life of a 19-year-old student. Hopefully I’ll actually begin to use this blog not as an escape into the virtual world, but as sort of an addition to my life, something that only makes it better.

Like an extra arm, but less gross.


4 Responses to “Stepping It Up A Notch”

  1. you’re garbage.
    give up buddy

  2. And you have nothing better to do than bash blogs?

  3. Quite the life you lead my friend.

  4. Interesting! I know the feeling, I myself have decided to take that step into this new type of life by creating a blog, and truthfully I am leaning towards it much more than Facebook (oh?) when I open Firefox. I think that means something, I think we share a common interest with regards to the usefulness or purpose of “blogging”. I hope your blog flourishes. You can be assured you’ve got at least one reader from now on.

    Feel free to visit my own, at

    Keep going, and don’t stop, even with you feel like shit. It’ll pay off, I feel it, you feel it. Good luck.

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