The Awesomeness Of Motivational Posters

An election recap will be available sometime today, but for now I’ve been wasting my time with something else; motivational posters.


Originally, motivational posters were used for their actual purposes: motivation. There would be a picture of a hiker, for example, followed by a subtitle like “perseverance” or something like that. Recently, the creation of motivational posters has been turned into a fad. Find a funny picture, enter it into a generator, and text, and you’re done.

So that’s what I did for the last few minutes. Click here for a full collection, and check back later tonight for the election recap.


5 Responses to “The Awesomeness Of Motivational Posters”

  1. i like you in stripes.
    you look so nautical.

  2. Steph is correct, you do look pleasing in stripes.

  3. haha glad to hear it guys. have you seen the posters?

  4. lol nerd no life u will never get laid i bet u live with ur mom still fucking no life playing halo all day ……….rub a dub dub scrub my nuts

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