Keeping Up With The Joneses

… And the Moyses, Isenbergs, Whites, Sus, Gonshors. All friends of mine who, after me, have created blogs of their own. When I hosted my blog over at Blogspot, the posts were less frequent and the content less serious. Not like I’m saying my blog is serious or anything, but it’s taken on a different tone, in addition to more posts being posted more often.

So what motivated me to make the switch, not to WordPress, but to a real blogger instead of an occasional one? My friends (everytime I say that I feel like John McCain.) Every time they posted more often than me I began to feel inadeaute. With them writing more, I felt I should to, in an effort to “compete” with them. So with that I’ve begun searching for new gimmicks, updated the overall look of the blog, and then the huge switch over to WordPress.

Once I figured out how to make the permanent switch (meaning, importing all my old Blogspot posts so readers would not have to click there to read them,) I knew I was on my way to becoming a better blogger. With the “search” feature, readers can now search for any topic that interests them (Obama, NFL, etc,) and find out if I’ve ever written a post about their desired topic.

Also, I’m beginning to take advantage of WordPress’ “pages” feature. With this new layout, the “pages” I write will be at the top of the screen, just above the banner, which I will customize shortly. This will enable me to write new, daily (or semi-daily,) updates. Some “pages” I’ll have, if you don’t see them already, are; links of the day, photo of the day, video of the day, and more. I just haven’t thought of everything yet.

So if you like what you’ve been reading, keep checking abck as I update it with more than jsut posts, and explore so you can take full advantage (also check the “What’s New” page often, because that’s where I’ll post my updates.

Stay tuned.


2 Responses to “Keeping Up With The Joneses”

  1. feel honored to be included but insulted your comments to me are mean
    blogger is cool too you know
    and so is my content…sometimes

  2. how is what i said mean?

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