Searching For A Costume You Can Believe In

It seemed too good to be true. When I finally decided where to go on Halloween, I knew I would have the perfect costume. Something simple, that wouldn’t take too long to assemble (i.e. no makeup, painting my body, etc.) With the election being just days away, I had the perfect costume; Barack Obama.

So I hit up Google immediately and started searching online. It was Sunday night, and I needed something that would arrive 100% before Halloween, tomorrow night. Not wanting to take the risk, I tried searching for some costume stores in Montreal. A few seem to have Barack Obama masks in, but no reservations could be made. With no time to shlep all the way to Lasalle (there’s a store called “Giggles” there, that guaranteed they had it,) I asked my friend to go buy me one on his trip to Giggles. He agreed, and I forgot about it for two days, until i got the text message: they’re sold out.

So I panicked, except, not really. While I would’ve loved to be Obama for Halloween, I realized it was not the end of the world. I would probabaly never wear the mask again after the night (actually, that’s a lie,) and $35 is a lot on jsut a mask, especially when that’s the same price of the party. A mask or an all-you-can-drink ticket… hm, tough decision. Actually, ididn’t get a chance to make that decision at all because of my idea’s apparently extreme popularity amongst Canadians who have no vote.

So I started thinking about what I could be; Curious George? Nah, don’t have time to paint my body. A streaker? Nah, no trenchcoat. Marty McFly? Nah, don’t have that kick-ass red vest. I started thinking about other costumes, mainly ripping ideas from my favourite movies. William Miller from almost famous? Nah, hair’s not long enough and wouldn’t be recognizable anyways. What about Forrest Gump? I like the idea, but you need that beige-ish suit to complete it. Oh well.

So now, hours before Halloween, I’m still thinking of a costume I can believe in. I’m writing this post as a request for suggestions, hopefully you, my readers, will see a man in need and help me out. Thank you.


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