Just Because You’re Losing, Doesn’t Mean You’ve Lost

I might be a little late with this specific Coldplay reference, seeing as how Viva La Vida has been out for a few months already, so I guess you can call me a Coldplay n00b.

I’ve known of their existence for a few years actually. “Parachutes” was one of the first CDs my sister gave me, which helped guide me through my transition into the musical world, away form the annoying popular acts (Sum41, etc,) that I was listening to at the time. But over the next couple of years, I guess I just forgot about them. I had downloaded X & Y when it came out, but rarely listened to it.

And then came Viva La Vida. The multi-platinum selling album reached numero uno in virtually every country in the world. It’s success was propelled by the title track and the song “Lost,” two of the songs in high rotation on my iPod now. This newfound love affair with Coldplay has been ready to explode for a few months now, but Saturday Night Live’s episode this week was the fuse that set it off. I knew that Coldplay was that night’s musical guest, but I did not know what they were about to do.

Coldplay, led by singer/keyboardist/budding musical legend Chris Martin, absolutely destroyed the stage at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. I have never seen a music act destroy like they did. Most musical acts play about two songs throughout the night, and most of time I just fast-forward through that, but this time it was different.

For the band’s first two songs, they played “Viva La Vida” and “Lost,” leaving both me and my friend pretty satisfied. The band’s stage chemistry was undeniable, and Martin lit it up like he was playing for a group of friends and not millions of viewers. But then the unthinkable happened. We thought they were done, but we were wrong.

The show came back from commercial, and with the clock nearing 1:00am, we expected to see one last picture of the hsot and final skit. What did we see? A picture of the band, who proceeded to play an older hit this time, “Yellow.” Me and my friend started freaking out. This is the first Coldplay hit I heard, and it immediately brought me back to 2004.

Then it showed the entire cast, special guests, and the host doing their usual wave goodbye. But my friend noticed something I had not, and said; “Where’s Coldplay?”

Sure enough, the next words heard were uttered by Jon Hamm: “Ladies and gentlemen, once again, Coldplay.” It was then that my friend’s PVR cut off. Damn NBC. Still, having four performances  is pretty impressive, and shows how popular they are, and how much the crowd wanted more. Even though I didn’t see their final performance (probably another older hit, like “Fix You” or something,) I was hooked. Thanks Neil.


One Response to “Just Because You’re Losing, Doesn’t Mean You’ve Lost”

  1. i hate pvr’s inability to know when a show is not over
    happened last night

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