I Think I Like C(rap)

I’m usually a classic rock kind of guy. Maybe sometimes a bit of reggae, modern rock, alternative, and the occasional pop song. But lately, the amount of time I spend listening to rap music is increasing. Should I be embarassed? No. It may not be “music,” but it is often catchy, the beats are good, and sometimes the lyrics are poetry (other times they’re actually pretty clever, but tehy’re also often useless.)

Anyways, as I write this post, instead of listening to my typical “Favourite Songs” playlist, I’ve decided to switch over to the new “October 2008” one. It’s all rap. Well, except for the song “Island In The Sun,” by Weezer.

So back to the rap. Though I don’t consider it “good music,” for some reason it still beckons my interest. Also, its the perfect kind of music to put you in that vibe. Not the vibe that makes you want to beat someone up, but the one that makes you feel more motivated, that you can do anyhting. (For example, my Lacrosse Pump-Up playlist is almost all rap.)

Another thing I want to mention about Rap is how clever some of it seems to be. Ludacris’ raps are actually hysterical sometimes, and then they actually make sense. Here’s a verse of one of his songs, Number One Spot, that plays over a sample of the Austin Powers theme song. It features a lot of Austin Powers-related imagery, actually making it flow together really well.

“Causin lyrical disasters, it’s the master
Make music for Mini-Me’s, models and Fat Bastards
These women tryin to get me out my Pelle Pelle
They strip off my clothes and tell me, “Get in my belly!”
Stay on the track, hit the ground runnin like Flo-Jo
Sent back in time and I’ve never lost my mojo
Ladies and gentlemen ahh, boys and girls
Ludacris sent down to take over the whole world!”

Another artist who’s lyrics are great is Kanye West. The highest selling and maybe most well-known active rapper uses his life’s experiecne and knowledge to put together great lyrics. Here’s a verse (it’s actually pretty long,) from his song “Through The Wire,” which he recorded only weeks after surving a near-fatal car crash, with his mouth still wired shut.

What if somebody from the Chi was ill got a deal on the hottest rap label around
But he wasn’t talking bout coke and birds it was more like spoken word
Except he really putting it down
And he explained the story about how blacks came from glory
And what we need to do in the game
Good dude, Bad night, Right place, Wrong time
In the blink of an eye his whole life changed
If you could feel how my face felt you would know how Mase felt
Thank God I ain’t to cool for the safe belt
I swear to God drive two on the sue
I got lawyer for the case to keep whats in my safe; safe
My dawgs couldn’t tell if I
I look Tom Cruise on Vanilla Sky, it was televised
All they heard was that I was in an accident like GEICO
They thought I was burnt up like Pepsi did Michael
I must gotta angel
Cause look how death missed his ass
Unbreakable, would you thought they called me Mr. Glass
Look back on my life like the ghost of Christmas past
Toys R Us where I used to spend that Christmas cash
And I still wont grow up, I’m a grown ass kid
Swear I should be locked up for stupid shit that I did
But I’m a champion, so I turned tragedy to triumph
Make music that’s fire, spit my soul through the wire”

It basically chronicles a bit of his life (the first part) in “hypothetical” prose, then describing what happened with the accident. It flows together extremely well, and the fact he was able to write and record this song (which became a hit, along with the rest of his first album,) after almost dying in a car crash. That is what I find amazing about it, and that’s why its one of my favourite songs.

So even though I don’t think I should feel ashamed by my recently re-discovered liking of rap/hip-hop, I still thought it was a bit random, so I did what I do most of the time when I think random things, write a blog post.

Songs listened to while writing:

“The Crackhouse” – Fat Joe ft. Lil Wayne

“Swagga Like Us” – Jay-Z & T.I. ft. Kanye West & Lil Wayne

“Paper Planes Remix” – Lil Wayne

“Family Business” – Kanye West

“Island In The Sun” – Weezer


2 Responses to “I Think I Like C(rap)”

  1. You know that’s not the first time Kanye West rhymed “Geico” with “Michael”? He did that in “Gold Digger” as well and he was referring to Michael Jackson as well.

  2. I actually did know that, and thanks for commenting…lol. But by far, the best MJ reference in “just Lose It” by Eminem…

    “What else could I possibly do to make noise?
    I’ve done touched on everything but little boys.
    And that’s not a stab at Michael,
    That’s just a metaphor,
    I’m just psycho.”

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