Like Mohinder, I’m Transforming

For those of you who don’t watch Heroes, start now. I’m not gonna get into the whole plot or whatever right now, but after an experiment gone wrong, one of the show’s main protagonists, Mohinder Suresh, is transforming. As am I, but probably not in the same way.

Whereas Mohinder is a professor who now has super-human abilities, I’m a student who now is actually using his God-given abilities for once in his life. I’ll admit it, I am a chronic underachiever, and have never really realized my full potential.

Is it possible I may have finally turned a corner? Maybe. I’m actually sutyding for once, even if my exam is in under 24 hours, it’s a start. Better then going into exams completely unprepared, which i have done in the past, one of the reason I’m still at Dawson.

Anyways just needed a quick vent, maybe I’ll come back and write some more after I’m doine studying. (Really?)


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