I Need A Job

Wow this is pretty bad. Things must be getting rough is this is the second “wow it’s really come to this…” kind of posts. But that’s what my life seems to be lately. Last night I reached a point of boredom/insomnia so sever I started reading the seventh Harry Potter again. And now, in the first day of my new cell phone plan, it’s taken something stupid like this to make me realize how much I need a job.

There are many drawbacks to not having a credit card, (random, but I’m going somewhere with this,) one of which is deeply affecting me now, and ironically, it’s making me less independent, which in turn is making me want to find a job… to become more independent?

Let me explain further. I’m 19. I live at home. My mom pays for my cell phone. My mom pays for my cell phone plan, and even though I don’t pay for food or rent (while eating at home,) I delve into my bank account for anythign I need to buy outside the house. I recently bought a Xbox 360 and a couple games/accesories, which took a large chunk out of my already low chequing account.

Why am I sharing financial information with my blog readers (however few of you there are)? Simple. This chequing account in particular is reserved solely for money I make of my own accord, by working. I’ve worked at a summer camp for the past three summers, done some freelance journalism here and there, and worked at TCBY for a year… over a year ago.

So if I truly want to be independent, or at leats be as independent as possible while still living at home, then I definitely need a job. And you know what it took for me to realize this? My mother, (who has some sort of power over my cell phone plan that forbids me from changing anything about it,) tells me that until I get a job, I won’t have caller ID.

Are you kidding me? Caller ID is insanely useful and almost essential to anyone who has a cellphone, and the lack of it makes my MY10 play almost useless. But despite this extremely stupid decision of hers, it does have its benefits.

I might actually get a job now.


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