Anne Hathaway Is Really Hot

So this post is a bit of a change from the last few politics-related ones, but every once in a while I feel the need to revert to my chauvinistic alter-ego and vent over how hot a certain someone is. I mean, look at her:

I mean that is two-syllable-damn worthy. And it’s not just the looks. I’m not claiming to know her on a personal level, but based on her appearance on SNL tonight, her humour is almost Tina Fey-esque. She seems smart, funny, and she’s also really good-looking. So I guess all that makes her overtake Erin the Cheerleader as the blog’s (and by definition, my,) new celebrity crush.

On a semi-related note, SNL was actually pretty funny tonight. (Yes I stayed home tonight, excuse me for having to wake up in seven hours.) It seems that the show has taken a turn for the better since the abysmal Michael Phelps premiere. James Franco’s episode was amazing, clips from the Anna Farris episode seemed promising, and tonight’s episode was great as well.

Of course, one of the main reasons for SNL’s recently-rejuvenated success is the semi-return of Tina Fey, who plays her clone, Sarah Palin. Every skit she’s in is extremely well written, such as tonight’s where they made fun of the vice-presidential debate. They even made fun of Joe Biden, which was a first.

Anyways, I’m not going to analyze or review the whole episode, because I’m way too lazy, but I just wanted to get a few things out there. Good night.


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