The Great Debate…Debate?

Canada is stupid. That’s not something you hear too often, what with our average test scores consistently higher than that of our neighbors to the south, the U.S. So why is Canada stupid? Because whoever is in charge of scheduling decided to air the first English debate between the five prime-ministerial candidates tomorrow night, at the exact same time that vice presidential candidates Tina Fey…er, Sarah Palin, and Joe Biden face off.


So which debate should we watch? Well, if you’re American, the answer is easy. You watch your own debate, you don’t care about a country with one tenth your population. But Canadians have a different issue.

On one hand, this is the only real chance Canadian voters have to see their Candidates face off, with Green Party candidate Elizabeth May sneaking into the battle with Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Conservative), Stephane Dion (Liberal), Jack Layton (NDP), and Gilles Duceppe (Bloc.)

On the one hand, the two vice-presidential candidates seem to bring a much more interesting debate to the table, even if Canadians have no effect on the outcome.

From an Associated Press article:

Green party leader Elizabeth May is urging Canadians to pay attention to their own election.

“It’s extremely unfortunate timing,” May said of the schedule. “I’m hoping that people will decide to watch the Canadian debate live and check out YouTube later for whatever exciting moments there are between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin.”

Sorry Ms. May, but the American debate is too intriguing to pass up. Myself, I’ll be tivoing the Canadian debate while I watch the American one. With Joe Biden, who can’t seem to stop saying dumb things in the press, (“Hillary Clinton is as qualified, if not more qualified, than me to be vice president,”) and Sarah Palin continuing to perform extremely poorly in interviews, the dumb things said in this debate could be very Youtube or SNL-worthy quotes.

G-d bless Tivo.


2 Responses to “The Great Debate…Debate?”

  1. you need tivo

  2. you mean me personally…or in general?

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