DISCLAIMER: This article is meant purely as a joke. Do not take it seriously, selling one’s right to vote is an offense.Yes. You heard right, I am auctioning off my vote for the Prime Minister of Canada, with elections to be held October 14th.

Here are the seven candidates running in my electoral district, Mont-Royal:

Tyrell Alexander (Green Party of Canada)
Antonio Artuso (Communist Party of Canada)
Irwin Cotler (Liberal Party of Canada)
Diane Johnston (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)
Maryse Lavallée (Bloc Québécois)
Nicolas Thibodeau (New Democratic Party)
Rafael Tzoubari (Conservative Party of Canada)

I am not following the election as much as I should be, and do not have any ties to either party as this is my first election. Because of this, I am willing to auction off my vote to the highest bidder. Please send me an E-mail at, with the party you want me to vote for in my riding, and how much you’re willing to pay me.

Any money I receive from this auction will not go into my bank account or pocket, but to a very deserving charity, which I will decide upon at a later date. The person who buys my vote will have input on which charity will receive the money.

Please give generously, because not only are you helping out one of the parties, you’ll also be helping out a very deserving charity.

Note: I reserve the right to refuse a bid if circumstances grant it.

PS. Please check the sidebar on the right for the leading bid, and who they want me to vote for.


4 Responses to “BUY MY VOTE!”

  1. i’ll give u 3$ to vote for me as an independent

  2. you are not on the ballot! liar

  3. Jamie, for shame!
    You are not voting for Prime Minister of Canada! Seeing that written down is just jarring! That is not how the Canadian electoral system works!\

    As well, you should know that your riding, Mount-Royal is the most overwhelmingly Liberal one in the entire country.

    That’s right, Irwin Cotler has one of the most secure seats in the country. The securest seat of his party. In the last election, he won with 65% of the vote. The closest runner-up was the Conservative candidate with only 17.9%.

    So basically the monetary value of your vote is basically nil. There is really no point. Unless you were to vote for one of the two (two!) Communist parties, for whom any little vote would help credibility and funding.

    Not that I’m saying voting is useless. You should vote.

  4. Accepting bribes that influence your vote is actually illegal. It’s a $5,000 penalty and/or up to 5 years in prison. Someone was already caught doing this on Craigslist.

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