I’m Really Cool…

If some of you think that’s me, then you must be hilariously stupid. It’s Michelle Trachtenberg, the female lead in Eurotrip, back in her days as Harriet The Spy. So why is this relevant? Good question.

Most of the time when i write blog posts (like now,) It’s because I’m sitting at my computer, bored, and decide: “why not? I have nothing better to do.” But now, thanks to a little notebook i found in my house, I’ll be able to do that all the time! Woo-hoo! (Wow Jamie is so cool…)

Basically I’ll be keeping this book (it’s blue,) in my bag with me at all times, at least during the day. Whenever I feel the need to write a little something, I’ll whip out the book and write. Next time I get in front of a computer I’ll simply just type it up into a blog post.

This won’t be a diary or a journal, and I won’t be spying on people, but having the book with me at all times… at least during the school day, will give me a chance to write some stuff down when i see random ass shit (like the guy sitting alone, without a shirt on, with no books, in the Library today.)

And that’s about it for now.


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