Peace Out Logo, Template

Yes, I am talking to a no longer existing logo, who of course cannot respond. Sometime, when I get bored, I make irrational technological changes. One time I deleted everyone from my MSN list that I hadn’t spoken to in the last three days. One time I gave up using MSN or MySpace for a month (oh MySpace…) Another time, this time, I got bored and changed my layout.

I know, I’m a rebel.

Basically, I’ll admit I’m not the greatest writer, but I need practice, and that’s why I have The Blender, with it’s new motto (see top of page) replacing the old one “When you put every topic you can imagine into a blender, this is what comes out.” This motto change makes the title utterly irrelevant, like when the Minneapolis Lakers moved to L.A. (where there are almost no lakes,) or the New Orleans Jazz moving to Utah (that has no Jazz scene at all to my knowledge. It would be like the Canadiens moving to Maine and keeping their name, but I don’t care I still did it.

Does it really matter anyway? How many people at there actually read this blog. I pretty much write this as an online journal of sorts, just not as personal I guess. I’ve been teased for writing about certain things in the past, but really, since when do I care what people think?

If that were true I would shave more then once every full moon, exercise, and maybe spend more than 37 seconds choosing an outfit for the day. But I guess that’s the sometime beauty of being a guy. I can’t speak for all women, but from what I’ve heard learned form my female friends, women care a lot more about what people think of them than men do.

But if they didn’t they wouldn’t shave their legs, so let’s be thankful they do.


One Response to “Peace Out Logo, Template”

  1. love the new slogan… it is exciting because it was created in our msn convo

    oh and also thanks for sticking up for me with shapiro 🙂

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