Ranting on the Entourage Premiere

I know she wasn’t in the first episode, but when I think “Entourage,” I think Emannuelle Chriqui. Excuse me for being a man. Anyways, after my Texans post I started writing a couple words on tonight’s episode, but that ended being over 200 words, so I gave it it’s own post. Here it is:

Entourage, the TV show, is back after it’s almost year and a half oasis.

For those of you who haven’t seen the series premiere yet, sucks, because I’m about to spoil the ending for you.

A couple of questions I have for those of you who watched it…

Did turtle really not notice that Drama was carrying a fish with him the entire carried? And surely Richard Roeper, probably one of most famous critics out there, would have better security that isn’t as penetrable as Turtle and Drama made it out to be.

On another thing, what’s the deal with Turtle and Vince’s hangout in Mexico? Are there only girls allowed or something? Is Vince Chase really a big enough player to be able to pull about 20 girls away to a resort? No. And regarding the whole arrangement Turtle and Vince have with their girls, who planned this? Vinnie gets two and Turtle gets one? Did all the girls have a meeting or something and agree on this?

I was actually very disappointed with the episode as a whole, even though I do like Bow Wow’s character as one of E’s clients. Give E a hot assistant and his character could really take off this season. “Look for Bow Wow’s character to blow up and end up being a big star,” says my friend Josh. Could happen, and would suck for Vince when his best friend’s attention turns to his new client.

Anyways, regardless of how bad the plot or ending might be, if Entourage continues its steady stream of hot female stars and one-liners from Ari and everyone else, I’ll be fine.


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