I’ve Seen Too Many Movies This Summer

It’s true… I Have. And it fucking adds up like crazy, with each movie over ten bucks, plus ten bucks or so in food. I’ve seen so many movies in theaters this summer I could’ve probably bought a video game system with the money I’ve spent, seeing these movies;

– Zohan
– Pineapplex Express (twice)
– Dark Knight (twice)
– Tropic Thunder (just now…)

Basically, a lot. And I’m sure there’s been more, plus some other ones on DVD or TV. Basically, a shit load of movies for one month. And what movies do is they take over your life, each one taking up to 2 hours off your life while you get trapped in their fanciful life.

But it’s a nice trip they take you on, Tropic Thunder case in point: a bunch of actors (Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr. [disguised as a black guy,] Ben Stiller) playing actors forced into real life combat in the Vietnamese jungle. Quite the movie, with hilarious lines coming out of nowhere. Downey Jr’s portrayal as a white Australian who received medical attention to be transformed into his character, a black man, was fucking amazing, excuse my language.

Anyways, goodbye for now.


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