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I Fought The Law…

Posted in Uncategorized on September 28, 2008 by Jamie

Not even close…but I did break it with one of my blog posts, apparently. Thanks to the guidance of one of my friends, Carmel, I realized that the post I wrote about selling my vote was indeed illegal. I kept the post there though, just because I think the comments are funny, and also because I think it’s relevant for future discussions on the election.

My friend Yining also pointed something out to me; selling my vote, even if legal, would be almost useless. The riding I live in, Mont-Royal, hasn’t voted Conservative since 1935. And that was a very different time for the riding, before Hampstead and Cote-St-Luc were filled with predominantly Liberal-voting Jews. Just so you know, that was not an anti-semitic comment. I’m Jewish myself, I just wanted to get the facts out there.

This photo is here for informative purposes, not an endorsement

When Irwin Cotler was first elected in 1999, he won 91.97% of the vote. The Conservatives haven’t even come close to the Liberals, since 1984 when Pierre Trudeau was not running in that riding for the first time in 19 years.

“Réal Caouette, long-time leader of the Social Credit Party in Quebec, once said that a mailbox could win the Liberal nomination in Mount Royal and still win election just because it was red (the traditional colour of the Liberal Party).” (Wikipedia)

Also, my Understanding Quebec teacher once said that if a dog ran as a Liberal in my Provincial Riding of D’Arcy McGee, he would win.

And they were both right.

The point is, despite my riding’s extremely Liberal views, voting is still important. It’s our democratic right, and even though I originally opposed voting in this election because of my lack of knowledge on the subject, I’m changing my position.

I encourage you, wherever your riding, however one-sided it is, to still vote. I will.



Posted in Uncategorized on September 26, 2008 by Jamie

DISCLAIMER: This article is meant purely as a joke. Do not take it seriously, selling one’s right to vote is an offense.Yes. You heard right, I am auctioning off my vote for the Prime Minister of Canada, with elections to be held October 14th.

Here are the seven candidates running in my electoral district, Mont-Royal:

Tyrell Alexander (Green Party of Canada)
Antonio Artuso (Communist Party of Canada)
Irwin Cotler (Liberal Party of Canada)
Diane Johnston (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)
Maryse Lavallée (Bloc Québécois)
Nicolas Thibodeau (New Democratic Party)
Rafael Tzoubari (Conservative Party of Canada)

I am not following the election as much as I should be, and do not have any ties to either party as this is my first election. Because of this, I am willing to auction off my vote to the highest bidder. Please send me an E-mail at, with the party you want me to vote for in my riding, and how much you’re willing to pay me.

Any money I receive from this auction will not go into my bank account or pocket, but to a very deserving charity, which I will decide upon at a later date. The person who buys my vote will have input on which charity will receive the money.

Please give generously, because not only are you helping out one of the parties, you’ll also be helping out a very deserving charity.

Note: I reserve the right to refuse a bid if circumstances grant it.

PS. Please check the sidebar on the right for the leading bid, and who they want me to vote for.

The First Book Post

Posted in Blog Stuff, Book Posts on September 18, 2008 by Jamie

So carrying around this little book that i talked about last post has actually mildly payed off. While waiting for the bus outside Plamondon metro earlier tonight, I actually started writing. But because i was interrupted by a friend not too long after I started, my “post,” was interrupted. Anyways, here it is:

I Hate Rain – 8:44 pm
“Piece of shit weather. I hate rain. I also hate public transportation, especially at night, when you just want to get home already. Even during the day it sucks. I was standing next to this one guy on the bus this morning, and he actually smelled like a garbage bag. No exaggeration. To make things even worse for me (and the other passengers,) his arm was raised, so we were getting the full whiff. Straight outta that commercial a few years back.”

And that’s it. Pretty short, but I had barely started writing before the friend showed up. Had he not, I prob could’ve ranted a bit more about how much I hate the STM at night, and maybe thought of some other stuff. But I don’t exactly remember how I was feeling at that exact moment, so maybe next time.

At least I’m not carrying around the book for nothing?

I’m Really Cool…

Posted in Blog Stuff, Late Night Posts on September 17, 2008 by Jamie

If some of you think that’s me, then you must be hilariously stupid. It’s Michelle Trachtenberg, the female lead in Eurotrip, back in her days as Harriet The Spy. So why is this relevant? Good question.

Most of the time when i write blog posts (like now,) It’s because I’m sitting at my computer, bored, and decide: “why not? I have nothing better to do.” But now, thanks to a little notebook i found in my house, I’ll be able to do that all the time! Woo-hoo! (Wow Jamie is so cool…)

Basically I’ll be keeping this book (it’s blue,) in my bag with me at all times, at least during the day. Whenever I feel the need to write a little something, I’ll whip out the book and write. Next time I get in front of a computer I’ll simply just type it up into a blog post.

This won’t be a diary or a journal, and I won’t be spying on people, but having the book with me at all times… at least during the school day, will give me a chance to write some stuff down when i see random ass shit (like the guy sitting alone, without a shirt on, with no books, in the Library today.)

And that’s about it for now.


Posted in TV on September 15, 2008 by Jamie

Before I start this post allow me to have a disclaimer:

NBC is probably my favorite network. It airs Heroes, The Office, How I Met Your Mother, and 30 Rock, my four favorite on-air shows. It also airs my two favorite late night shows, Late Night With Conan O’Brien and Saturday Night Live. A couple years back it even showed some of my all-time favourites (Seinfeld, Friends, Las Vegas.) So why all this hatred?

After I discovered I could actually put videos into my blog, instead of just linking to them, I was very happy. Immediately I put in Tina Fey’s impression of Sarah Palin on Saturday’s episode of SNL in the post where i reviewed that episode. Then watched it. Four times. God bless YouTube.

But then, a couple hours later when i tired to watch it, i remembered: NBC sucks. The video, and all other videos on YouTube that showed the whole sketch,had been removed due to copyright infringement.

Excuse me NBC, but have you seen YouTube? Almost every single video there violates copyright law, despite the warning YouTube gives when you upload a video. YouTube became so popular that many television networks, including NBC, got their own “channels.” Both John McCain and Barack Obama are using YouTube to post speeches and ads, in an effort to reach the viral community.

So where did NBC go?

A couple of months, actually closer to a year, NBC shut down their YouTube channel, taking viral mega-hits “Lazy Sunday” and “Dick In A Box,” with it. Why? In anticipation of the launch of Hulu, their own version of YouTube.

Because of those assholes over at NBC, viewers outside the U.S. no longer have access to any NBC-related clips. They’ve essentially monopolized something they have the right to monopolize, but shouldn’t have. If you have the right to change your name to We Suck A Lot Corporation, do you? No. Thanks NBC, you guys suck.

PS. You may suck, but please keep Heroes, The Office, How I Met Your Mother, and 30 Rock on the air as long as possible. Thanks.

Phelphs Phails as SNL Host

Posted in TV on September 14, 2008 by Jamie

Oh, haha. Jamie made a play on words. Anyways, I was at a friends house yesterday and we decided to watch SNL, which hasn’t been that great lately, except for the occasional episode when they have a great host (Lebron, Peyton Manning, Seth Rogen, etc.) And then the show goes and does two things, each with a completely different level of awesomeness.

1) They get Tina Fey to come back (maybe more than a one-time fling?) to portray Sarah Palin, who looks almost identical (in her “Tina Fey glasses” as Amy Poehler, playing Hillary Clinton, says,) like the actress.

2) Then they go and do something stupid: get Michael Phelps to host.

Now being the host of SNL is kind of a big thing, at least in regards to the show. You have the first sketch after the opening one (the monologue,) and you’re in a large number of the skits. So why did Lorne Michaels choose Phelps? Because of America’s utter infatuation with the swimming phenom, something I , as a Canadian, can not understand. Now I understand he shattered records in Beijing on his way to a record 8 gold medals, but as anyone who saw his interviews during the games can attest to, he’s no comedian. He even had trouble answering simple questions during the interviews, acting like an awkward teenager, which at 23, he still kind of is.

America’s infatuation with Phelps extends so far that some people (like Nina Mandell, in an article here,) actually think the performance was GOOD. Maybe they’re swimmers themselves, and have inhaled too much chlorine, because his performance was atrocious. Worse than Vinny Chase in Medellin. Anyways, Skit-by-skit, SNL tried to hard to turn Phelps into something he’s not, a funny person.

To get him comfortable, two separate characters were used in HIS opening monologue. They also tried to recreate the originally hilarious skit starring Seth Rogen (who was the host) and Kristen Wiig as the extremely ugly children of Bill Hader and Amy Poehler, who are having a sort of party with a few friends, who keep getting interrupted by these grotesque children.It was funny with Rogen, where his size and too-small shirt made it even funnier. Switch Rogen’s character with a 6”4′ behemoth, and its not so funny.

The one bright point of Phelph’s night was the final skit, which made fun of his now infamous 12,000-calorie diet. Check it out on YouTube if you can find it.

There were a few other funny moments, including Weekend Update correspondents Nicholas Fehn, the headline guy, and the new, hilarious “Alaska Pete.” The best moment of the night however, was the opening sketch, featuring Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and Amy Poehler reprising her role of Hillary Clinton.

Unfortunately, because of NBC’s decision to remove all NBC videos from YouTube and switch them over to Hulu, (which is unavailable in Canada,) the video cannot be found by Canadian residents online. To my knowledge, please comment here if you find a way.

Check out my new post regarding my displeasure towards NBC for leaving YouTube by clicking here.

Palin PWNED!

Posted in Uncategorized on September 13, 2008 by Jamie

Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin made to look like a fool in the first part of her first public interview.