The Beauty of The Classics

In the new Millennium, we’ve fallen into a new age of technology. Games are becoming more realistic, Movies are becoming more visually pleasing, and even musicians are inventing new sounds. When it comes down to it though, nothing is better than the classics, the things that started it all.

I say this as I listen to a song that was released in 1969 (Communication Breakdown), playing a computer game that was created IN 1995, a while ago in the virtual world (Civilaztion II.) And wearing on my feet what has not been fashionable for hundreds of years, (nothing.) Basically, what motivated me to write this post, other than the fact I just wrote one, was how much pleasure I’m getting out of this stupid video game.

Civilization II was created 13 years ago, when all computer games were very basic. I played Madden 09 for 360 yesterday, and almost sharted because of how realistic it was. But realism is not always the best option. The point of Civi is two maneuver a civilization of your choice form birth to the end of the world. You start of with one “Settler,” who must build a city, where more settlers, warriors, and other units can be created. Every so often your scientists ask you what technological advance they should research, like writing, bridge building, or even chemistry.

The more you develop, the more things you cna do, and the more options you have to do anything really. As of now I’ve started a new civilization called “The Gurus,” with their Capital city of Montreal. I’m at war with the Russians and the Japanese, and the Russians just ransacked and conquered the city of Cote-St-Luc, leaving only the cities of Hampstead and Westmount, and very little military units, to defend myself. It may not sound very exciting, but even though games 1000 times more advanced do exist, nothing beats the pleasure one cna gain form an old classic like Civi II.

Till next time,

– Jamie

Civi Update 1: Just a funny note, I’m still playing Civi, and the French (one of the other Civilizations in the game,) have just taken control of Montreal. Cute eh? (Posted at 9:00 pm)

Civi Update 2: That was fast. It’s only 9:05 and the Russians just broke our cease fire and pillaged the city of New CSL. All that’s left now is Hampstead and westmount. Shit.

Civi Update 3: Wow I really did not plan this out well. It’s 9:09, and the newly created city Pleasenokillme, just got captured by the Barbarians. My alliance with the Japanese is still strong, but useless, and with the French, Russians, and Barbarians all on the same landmass as me, I’m essentially fucked. Oh well.

Civi Update 4: 9:14, the French just cpatured Westmount, leaving me with only one city left. sucks.

Civi Update 5: 9:18, and the English have just captured Hampstead, destroying the Guru civilization.

That might’ve been the fastest game I’ve ever played, but ti was still fun. Anyways I’m out but remember to keep checking back for more posts, or subscribe to my RSS feed.


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