This Really Was a Lazy Sunday

Shit. Another whole day wasted. It could’ve been that I woke up at 1, only to realize it was 2 (daylight savings time.) Or it could’ve been that the entire city was covered with a layer of snow, making me WAY too lazy to do anything productive. And so came a day full of playing video games.

Onto the Album of the Day, Outlandos d’Amour. My favorite album from my second favorite artist, it’s stocked with very catchy, very listenable tracks. The first three are three of the greatest songs that start an album, (Next to You, So Lonely, and Roxanne.) There are fa few other great songs on the album, so if you don’t own it already, download or buy it ASAP.

Now back to the blog. Tuesday’s Mississippi primary is coming up, and although only 33 delegates are up for grabs, it’s pretty much all there is to keep us entertained till Pennsylvania’s April 22nd primary. It looks like if nothing resolved regarding Michigan and Florida, neither candidate may be able to achieve the required 2,025 delgates.

For those of you who don’t know, Michigan and Florida tried to attract some more attention my moving ahead their primaries, staging them before the date they were allowed to. This proved completely useless, because it did more harm by good, and all delegates won in those states were ruled ineligible. Now there’s a lot of controversy over this, and some are even suggesting a mail-in ballot.

The Habs also played today, and I’m sad to say I predicted they would lose, and they did, 3-1 to the Anaheim Ducks. If you check out Habs Express, you’ll see on the right side bar that myself, and the lucky coin I flip before each Habs game, are both 6-0 over the last 6 games. My fellow writers of Habs express refuse to go against their home team, unrealistically predicting a Habs victory every game. That is why they are 4-2 and I am in first. We are a good team, but you can’t expect us to win EVERY game.

Anyways I should go start winding down, because based on the weather outside it looks like it’ll take me 3 hours to get to school. Good night, to keep checking back often, and don’t forget to comment.

Good Night.


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