Kanye, Be Quiet…I Want to Sleep

It’s only a quarter to one and my eyes are already closing. Granted, it was a long day and a long week, and I did spend about three hours at a very long, very boring dinner. Regardless, this blog is a commitment and since I stick to my commitments, (I hate all of you, stop laughing…) this post will be written.

I just coughed up a lung. I’m exhausted, but the dulcid tones of Kanye West’s Late Registration (today’s Album of the Day) are keeping me awake. The 2005 album is actually pretty good, and the fact that I used to play it constantly back in ’05 whenever I played Roller Coaster Tycoon gives me a certain feeling of nostalgia.

The day in general was pretty boring…not just for me, but for the rest of the world. The next relevant Presidential Primary (Pennsylvania,) isn’t for another three weeks, so we that are following the Democratic race have to claw our fingernails and wait. In sports, the only relevant thing going on for three weeks is hockey, and even that doesn’t provide the constant daily interest that Football and Baseball do.

So hopefully tomorrow will be more interesting, the Habs play an afternoon game in L.A, but I’ll be missing most of it for the “5th annual Rogers Sportsnet Sports Journalism Workshop” at Concordia. So good-bye for now, and remember, keep checking up on me.


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