I’m Scared My House is Going to Blow Away

There’s over a foot of snow on the ground, ice everywhere, and the wind is blowing at upwards of 30 mph. Hell and everything else on this planet has frozen over. Apparently the Toronto Maple Leafs have just won the Stanley Cup.

In other hockey news, my boy Jaroslav Halak got his first start of the season tonight, making 35 saves in a 5-2 Habs victory. I don’t expect this to derail the Carey Price bandwagon, but expect Boom-Shack-Halak to get a few more starts as the Habs try to make their way to the Stanley Cup Finals.

The wind outside is really starting to pick up. As the title suggests, it seems like the windows of my bedroom (which I am facing right now,) will eventually shatter and blow away along with the rest of my house, all the way to Oz.

So being very cool, I spent my day at Concordia at a Workshop in Sports Journalism and Broadcasting. It actually wasn’t that bad, aside from the 9-5 schedule that made it feel like a school day. In seriousness though, I met a lot of cool people, and some of what they said was actually very interesting. A lot of it was about the globalization of baseball, but there was some other stuff about careers in Sports Journalism, which is something I am very interested in.

The funny thing is they actually spoke about the great importance in blogs, and how they and online journalism in general is where we’re headed. So I guess starting this blog was a good deal after all.

Onto the album of the day, it’s a self titled album by a band called “Barlow.” (The album is also called Barlow for those who couldn’t catch on.) Anyways it has 11 extremely catchy tracks, but when I tried searching them on the internet, it was nearly impossible to find anything. If you know anythgin about them please get back to me. Thanks.


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