Can’t Baseball Season Just Start Already?

Just under 24 days and 13 hours remain until Detroit Tigers Opening Day 2008, and I’m getting restless.

Sure there’s hockey, which is the greatest sport of all time, but the prospect of a new MLB season is keeping me on the edge of my chair, especially this year. I’ve always been a fan of the underdogs (see: my support of the Houston Texans and Charlotte Bobcats,) but I was never quite able to become a huge baseball fan. Why, you may ask? Because my two favorite players, pitcher Dontrelle Willis and third baseman Miguel Cabrera, played for the most evil owner in the history of sports, yes, even more evil than Steinbrenner).

I couldn’t allow myself to become a fan of a team (the Marlins) that was owned by Jeffrey Loria, so I casually followed them as I followed the careers of Miguel and Dontrelle. Once talk that Miguel was getting traded surfaced, I was ecstatic, and pleaded that he would go to any team other then the Yankees, so I can finally have a team to actually support. It turns out he did, and my favorite pitcher was coming along for the ride.

Now don’t discount my newfound fanmanship (that’s not a word,) and call me a badnwagon fan, because I’m not. I was never a real fan of the Fish, and I only followed them to keep on eye and Miguel and Dontrelle (and later shortstop Hanley Ramirez [before he was good,]) because I fell in love with them after seeing them play in a game in 2005.

So as I claw at my keyboard having only the Habs to distract me from my boredom of the sports world, I can only hope that the next 24 days will go as quickly as possible for me.

Oh, and only 181 days till the NFL is back. 🙂


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