Barack Obama is Distracting Me From Studying

As I sit at my desk trying to find a balance between Research Methods and Microeconomics, both the sound of The Beatles’ Revolver and the constant refreshing of CNN’s website are proving to be very distracting.

Granted, Revolver is arguably the greatest album of all time. Track-to-track, there is not one second where I am bored in the slightest. The same cannot be said for some of their earlier albums, laden with cutesy covers of annoying 60’s songs. It’s not all bad though, Revolver is just amazing.

Now the Fab Four are not the only people distracting me right now. Today is “Critical Tuesday,” and even though I am Canadian and have absolutely no say in the election, the primaries in Rhode Island, Vermont, Texas, and Ohio are both very interesting and very distracting. John McCain has essentially locked up the GOP nomination, but what’s really keeping me distracted is the race for delegates in Ohio and Texas for the Democrats.

Now for those of you who don’t know me personally, I am a big Obama supporter. I know you might want to know why, but I’m gonna leave all that for a later post. The point is the race is very tight in Texas and Ohio, and the constant refreshing of is keeping me very busy, yet I still decide to write this.

Now this was just sort of an introductory post, just to tell you what’s on my mind right now (Yellow Submarine is so catchy,) but hopefully I’ll be updating this blog daily, so keep checking back for more of my musings. Future posts will tell you more about myself, because in this one you didn’t really get to know me. So if you like what you read, and want to hear more, keep coming back.


One Response to “Barack Obama is Distracting Me From Studying”

  1. Love it. Your writing really speaks to me, probably because our lives are too similar.
    Glad to see the blender is back, though in a different shape and form.

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